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ICPIC 2015 – 25/06/2015 - 27/06/2015 at All Day


ICPIC-logo-EYES_400x400small1-200x200-shadedIdentity and Philosophical Inquiry
in an Age of Diversity
The 17th International ICPIC Conference.
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
The Vancouver Institute of Philosophy for Children  
The ICPIC Call for Papers  is now on – we invite you to submit your proposal before  November 25th, 2014!
Email info@vip4c.ca
PLATO, the national Philosophy Learning And Teaching Organization, will be holding its third PLATO Conference immediately following the ICPIC conference on June 29-30, 2015, at the University of Washington in Seattle. The PLATO conference theme is “Equity and Inquiry.”  Shuttle buses are available from Seattle to Vancouver – enjoy these two beautiful West Coast North American cities.  CLICK here For the PLATO Call for papers and more details:


Jul 2014

Call for Papers-Философия - детям: Язык и сознание-Children: Language and Consciousness – 02/07/2014 - 20/09/2014 at 12:00 am

 Moscow ConferenceШестая  Международная Научно-Практическая конференция “Философия – детям: Язык и сознание. Памяти Н.С.Юлиной”,
6th International Scientific Conference “Philosophy for children: Language and Consciousness. In memory of Nina Yulina 

Moscow State University Faculty of Philosophy, November 5-7,post-conference 8-9.
Текущая информация о подготовке конференции на сайте www.philos.msu.ru и
www.phil4chil.ru. Требования к тезисам Заявки принимаются до 20 сентября  2014 года.
Call for papers is open until September 20th. Formore information on conference theme and application process click here.


Sep 2014

Contemporary Childhood Conference – 05/09/2014 - 06/09/2014 at 12:00 am

uni-strathclydeContemporary Childhood Conference: Scotland’s Children: Possible Futures?
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, September 5-6th, 2014
The conference brings together academics across disciplines and nations to explore children’s possible futures.  Keynote speakers: Prof. Joseph LoBianco (University of Melbourne) ‘Children growing up multilingual today: what does the future hold?’, David Istance (senior analyst OECD) ‘Educators Reflecting on the Future: International Insights from OECD’  and Lesley Riddoch (award-winning journalist and broadcaster) ‘What Scotland’s children need to flourish’. While this conference is not specifically focused on PwC, the organisers have proactively sought papers from the P4C community.

Oct 2014

Kritisches Denken - Wissen - Verantwortung - Critical Thinking - Knowledge - Responsibility – 16/10/2014 - 19/10/2014 at All Day

acpc_logo2Kritisches Denken – Wissen – Verantwortung – Critical Thinking – Knowledge – Responsibility
ACPC Austrian Centre of Philosophy with Children, Karl-Franzens-University Graz/Austria
Conference languages: English and German, Dates: October 16th-19th.
Kritisches Denken basiert auf sich gegenseitig rasch erweiternden Kriterien, um ausgeprägte Maßstäbe an Urteilsfähigkeit und Selbstreflexion zu erreichen. Der Kongress setzt sich zum Ziel, diese Voraussetzungen und Fähigkeiten Kritischen Denkens gemäß jener sozialen, medialen, kulturellen und ökonomischen Anforderungen neu zu bestimmen, mit denen junge Menschen heute in ihren Lebens-, Lern- und Arbeitswelten unausweichlich konfrontiert sind. Ziel ist es, neue Bedeutungen zu finden, um Grundlagen für die Verbesserung des Orientierungswissens junger Menschen bereitstellen zu können. weitere Informationen
Based on current debates in cultural, social and educational policy, The International Conference for Philosophy for Children, 2014, will focus on the existing and potential relationships between knowledge and responsibility and on our understanding of the role critical thinking plays within this relationship.  What does critical thinking actually mean? Where does knowledge come from? Is knowledge linked to responsibility? For full desciption of conference themes click here ACPC-2014Conference_english. For registration click here ACPC-Registrationform_2014

Socratisch Gesprek together with the Institute of Philosophical Practice in Moscow – 31/10/2014 - 02/11/2014 at All Day

Belguium conferenceInternational seminar the “Art of questioning” 
The Institute of Philosophical Practice in Moscow together with Socratisch Gesprek, Belgium.
October 31st-November 2nd
This autumn Kristof van Rossem and Victoria Chernenko will hold a seminar on philosophical practice in Belgium. The seminar is interesting for anyone who works in education, studies or teaches philosophy, interested in self-development and simply likes to think. The main focus of our work will be on questioning and critical thinking and how mastering these skills can allow us to be better at leading group discussions and working with individuals (both adults and children). For further information click here. While this is not a seminar in Philosophy for Children, members of ICPIC are invited to attend.

Dec 2014

American Philosophy Association - Eastern Division – 27/12/2014 - 31/12/2014 at All Day

IAPC logoIAPC Announces a Special Symposium: “Philosophy of Childhood: Exploring the Boundaries,”
Downtown Marriott in Philadelphia, PA
The IAPC Announces a Special Symposium: “Philosophy of Childhood: Exploring the Boundaries,” chaired by Dr. David Kennedy at the 2014 American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Annual Meeting, December 27-30 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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