Further Information about the ICPIC Essay Award

The Biennial Award for Excellence in Interpreting Philosophy for Children
Every year scholars and practitioners engaged in the field of philosophical inquiry with children and youth contribute to the growing body of knowledge that sustains and challenges our work in this field. Exploring the connection between theory and practice, between philosophical practice and life, these scholars (both theoreticians and practitioners) contribute to the revitalization of Philosophy for Children community worldwide. As with any educational movement, our strength and capacity to grow rests not only on our work in the field, but on our capacity to report on significant practices, raise questions, seek connections, develop theories, investigate assumptions and assess our educational practice.

 2018 Essay Award
The ICPIC community offers an award of US$200 to the winning submission in an essay competition. The 2018 Award will be the 9th award since its beginning in 2002. The aim or purpose of the competition is to encourage emerging scholars and practitioners in philosophical inquiry with children to articulate new or renewed visions of the nature and significance of doing philosophy with children and to acknowledge their role and efforts in this regard. The award is granted to the best essay among those submitted on the nature and significance of doing philosophical inquiry with children and the winning entry is published on the ICPIC site and in Childhood and Philosophy, a journal of ICPIC. ICPIC sees this as one important way it can acknowledge and partner in this important work within the larger world of Philosophy for Children.

A call for Submission will be announced on the front page of the website.
To encourage submissions from students we are offering a free one year ICPIC membership to all students who submit an essay that meets the requirements.

Essays should be submitted in the applicant’s native language and, if possible, accompanied by a translation into English (over which the applicant will hopefully have some control). If an English translation cannot be provided, the Committee in concert with the ICPIC Executive Committee will endeavor to secure a translation for purposes of review by Committee members who are not able to read the paper in its original language. Essays of an empirical research nature will be eligible, so long as they address the stated aim of the Award. Essays already published or accepted for publication will not be eligible. The winning entry will be published in the ICPIC Iournal Childhood and Philosophy.

Essays are limited to a maximum of 10,000 words. There is no age limitation and jointly written essays are welcome. Preference will be given to emerging scholars or practitioners in philosophy with children (actively participating in philosophy with children for 5 years or less).

2016 Award Committee Members
(Changes to the committee for 2018 will be announced when the Call for submissions is broadcast).

Maughn Gregory, Montclair State University (Chair)
Walter Kohan, State University of Rio de Janeiro
Zosimo Lee, University of the Phillipines at Quezon City
Felix Garcia Moriyon, Center for Philosophy for Children, Madrid
Karin Murris, University of Cape Town
Marina Santi, University of Padova
Wendy Turgeon, St. Joseph’s College at Patchogue, NY