About The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children

Organizational History
The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children (ICPIC) was created in 1985 by philosophers and teachers interested in engaging children in philosophical inquiry.

Mission Statement
Philosophy with Children is a movement that has been in existence more or less formally for as long as there have been adults who are interested in children’s ideas about the world, about themselves as human subjects, and about the fundamental issues-epistemological, ontological, aesthetic and ethical-which are the common heritage of us all.

The objective of ICPIC is to strengthen communications among those in different parts of the world who are engaged in philosophical inquiry with children, in teacher education, in research and for school administrators looking to initiate and develop programs that would encourage children’s philosophical thinking. Membership in the Council is open to all who support this objective.

ICPIC Constitution
ICPIC’s constitution states the following purposes for the organisation:

  1. To promote, coordinate and disseminate research and to organize international congresses as well as specialized symposia.
  2. To promote relationships between philosophers and educators and others concerned with the fostering of children’s cognitive development through philosophy.
  3. To establish relationships among such philosophers and educators committed to introducing philosophy into elementary and secondary schools throughout the world.
  4. To encourage rapprochement among scholars with regard to problems of pedagogical method.
  5. To coordinate efforts of those seeking to introduce philosophy into all elementary and secondary school curricula.
  6. To promote the setting up of regional centers of philosophy to assist in the designing and dissemination of courses in philosophical inquiry with children.
  7. To encourage philosophers to devote themselves to continued improvement of the quality of education for all children.

ICPIC’s full constitution  can be downloaded here.  ICPIC constitution