Ann Sharp’s Contribution to Philosophy for Children and Education

“In Community of Inquiry with Ann Margaret Sharp:
Childhood, Philosophy and Education”

Edited by Maughn Rollins Gregory and Megan Jane Laverty.
Routledge 2017.

ICPIC is excited to share the news of a new publication (a critical anthology) on the work of our late colleague, Ann Margaret Sharp, who joined Montclair State College in 1973 where she met Matthew Lipman and became his life-long partner in the work of Philosophy for Children. Mat and Ann co-founded the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children at Montclair in 1974.

More than anyone else in the world, Ann was responsible for the spread of Philosophy for/with Children around the world, the creation of graduate degree programs in the area, and the theorization of the “community of philosophical inquiry.  This new book’s introduction provides some interesting detail about the history of Philosophy for/with Children, and a new interview with Ann reveals the origin of her experiments in community of inquiry as a house parent to a group of “troubled” teenage boys at a residential school in New Hampshire.

This exciting scholarly volume is due to the work and dedication of two friends and colleagues of Ann Sharp, Maughn Gregory and Megan Laverty – we owe them a huge debt of gratitude in initiating this project and guiding it to completion. It offers invaluable insight and rigorous analaysis of the contribution of Ann Sharp to the Philosophy for Children movement. For more information click here:


Table of Contents


Contributors Editorial Introduction: Ann Margaret Sharp: A Life Teaching Community

Where I Learned Community of Inquiry: Ann Margaret Sharp in Conversation with Peter Shea

PART I Ann Margaret Sharp on Pragmatism and the Community of Inquiry

1. The Theory of Education Made Flesh (Philip Cam)

2. What is a Community of Inquiry? (Ann Margaret Sharp)

3. Self-Transformation in the Community of Inquiry (Ann Margaret Sharp)

PART II Ann Margaret Sharp on Philosophy of Education, Pedagogy, Teacher Education and the Community of Inquiry

4. The Teacher as Liberator: Ann Margaret Sharp between Philosophy of Education and Teacher Education (Stefano Oliverio)

5. Education and Culture: A Nietzschean Perspective (Ann Margaret Sharp)

6. A Letter to a Novice Teacher: Teaching Harry Stottlemeier’s Discovery (Ann Margaret Sharp)

PART III Ann Margaret Sharp on Ethics, Personhood, and the Community of Inquiry

7. Living in, and with, our Relationships to Others (Laurance J. Splitter)

8. Philosophy for Children and Development of Ethical values (Ann Margaret Sharp)

9. Looking at Others’ Faces (Ann Margaret Sharp and Megan Jane Laverty)

PART IV Ann Margaret Sharp on Feminism, Women, Children and the Community of Inquiry

10. Education as Liberation (María Teresa de la Garza)

11. Towards a Feminist Philosophy of Education: Simone Weil on Force, Goodness, work, Method and Time (Ann Margaret Sharp and Maughn Rollins Gregory)

PART V Ann Margaret Sharp on Religion, Spirituality, Ritual, Aesthetics and the Community of Inquiry

12. Do we Put What is Precious at Risk through Philosophic Conversation? (Peter Shea)

13. Silence and Speech in Pixie (Ann Margaret Sharp)

14. Is there an Essence of Education? (Ann Margaret Sharp)

PART VI Ann Margaret Sharp on Caring Thinking, Education of the Emotions and the Community of Inquiry

15.Caring Thinking, Education of Emotions, and the Community of Inquiry: a Psychological Perspective (Richard E. Morehouse)

16. The Other Dimension of Caring Thinking (Ann Margaret Sharp)

PART VII Ann Margaret Sharp on Social-Political, Democratic, International/Global Education and the Community of Inquiry

17. Social-Political Dimensions of the Community of Philosophical Inquiry in an Age of Globalization (Jennifer Glaser)

18. The Role of Intelligent Sympathy in Educating for Global Ethical Consciousness (Ann Margaret Sharp)

19. The Community of Inquiry: Education for Democracy (Ann Margaret Sharp)

Poem: The Community of Inquiry (Ann Margaret Sharp)