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Philosophy Now: article on P4C

Children, Intuitive Knowledge & Philosophy
Maria daVenza Tillmanns argues that teaching children to think must involve more than simply teaching them cognitive skills.
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Maria daVenza Tillmanns is a former President of the American Society for Philosophy, Counseling, and Psychotherapy (ASPCP). She is seeking funding for a project in partnership with the University of California, San Diego, about doing philosophy with children in underserved schools.


New Journal Publication

Mind, Culture and ActivityMind, Cuture and Activity
Special Issue: Engaged Philosophical Inquiry
A new Special Issue of the journal Mind, Culture, and Activity has just been published on Engaged Philosophical Inquiry . You’ll see many authors’ names that you recognize and a few that will be new to you!  The publishers have generously made two articles available free of charge from November 1st. They can be downloaded from the journal website. For those with access to Academic journals through a university, the whole issue is of course available through their university library.  For any inquiries, please contact Barbara Weber through the ICPIC membership list on our website.

Single Published Articles & Special Editions of Journals

If you know of any journals that have published special editions on philosophical inquiry for/with children or if you know of an article on philosophy for children published in a general journal (for example, Educational Theory, or TheJournal of Moral Education), please send the details to

“Special Issues” of General Journals

Mind, Culture, and Activity, Volume 22, Issue 4, 2015. Special Issue: Engaged Philosophical Inquiry (English).
Ettela’at Hekmat va Ma’refat (Monthly Journal of Philosophy and Mystical Studies, Iran), Vol. 68 (successive No. 1735-93333), No.8 (October 2011), edited by Monire Panjtani.   [Farsi]
Ettela’at Hekmat va Ma’refat (Monthly Journal of Philosophy and Mystical Studies, Iran), Vol. 51 (successive No1735-93333), No.3 (June 2010); edited by Monire Panjtani.  [Farsi]
Farhang Journal (Iranian Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies), Vol. 22, No. 69 (Spring 2009). [Farsi]
Journal of Curriculum Studies (J.C.S), vol. 2 No 7, winter: 2008, chief editor: Mahmoud Mehrmohammadi, Guest Editor: Yahya Ghaedi.( a Referred Publication of the Iranian Curriculum Studies Association) (I.C.S.A).  [Farsi]

Individual Articles in General Journals