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PEACE multilateral project

PEACElogoPhilosophical Enquiry Advancing Cosmopolitan Education.
Over the past 3 years Philosophy for Children centers in Italy, Spain, Austria and Israel have been collaborating in a project seeking to address the problem of children at the risk of exclusion  through Philosophical Inquiry. Free curriculum resources are now available. Read more about it

Imagination | Communication | ICPIC

From Logos to LOGO
As ICPIC changes and grows – developing a new, fresh web-presence and image – colleagues and friends with a creative flare are invited to submit a new ICPIC logo design.
* The prize is two free ICPIC memberships for two years for the
winner and a nominated friend.
** The name, short biography, and photo of the winner will also
feature on the ICPIC website.  FOR FURTHER DETAILS read on…


You have all the reasons in the world!   Why  ICPIC ?  ¿Por qué ICPIC? 
ICPIC membership is both a way to connect with practitioners and researchers engaged in Philosophical inquiry with children, youth and adults around the world, and a way to show your commitment to the endeavor of bringing philosophy into our classrooms and beyond.

ICPIC Journal: Childhood & Philosophy

childhood&philoosphy-vol10New Issue: Vol 10, No 19 ( 2014)
Look inside the 
Table of contents

Childhood and Philosophy
 is designed to be one of ICPIC’s many voices. In keeping with the lively poly-vocal character of the organization, we publish papers in at least six languages. This practice signifies our commitment, not only to the integrity of each piece of work in its mother tongue, but to our hopes for an increasing capacity amongst readers to work in multiple languages. Continue reading

Final Issue of “Thinking”

A Celebratory End to the Journal Thinking
For 35 years the IAPC Journal Thinking: The Journal of  Philosophy for Children provided a forum for the dissemination of the theory and practice of Philosophy for Children.  Concerned with the integrity of the field, the Journal has been a critical voice in shaping this field.  Thinking was the first Journal in Philosophy for Children and has been a big part of the lives of so many of us who live in the world of P4C. It will be sorely missed!The Table of Contents of this final volume can be accessed here.  
Digital copies of Thinking are available in PDF format. To order, please fill out the Thinking Digital Archive Order Form.  For a limited time, print copies of past issues of Thinking are available without charge, for the cost of shipping. To order, please fill out the IAPC Publications Order Form. “


New Philosophy in Schools Journal

Announcing a New Journal for Philosophy in Schools  The Journal for Philosophy in Schools (JPS) is the official journal of The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA). Congratulations FAPSA! We wish you every success with this new and important publicaton. The journal will published twice annually. Volume 1 Number 1 will be published September 2014. Read more about it under “Publications Journals and Magazines dedicated to philosophy with and for children.”