Essay Award Details

Esssay-competitionAward For Excellence in Interpreting Philosophy for Children
Please submit by August 8th

The ICPIC community offers an award of US$200 to the winning submission in an essay competition.  ICPIC AWARD 2016
The aim or purpose of the competition is to encourage emerging scholars and practitioners in philosophical inquiry with children to articulate new or renewed visions of the nature and significance of doing philosophy with children and to acknowledge their role and efforts in this regard. The award is granted to the best essay among those submitted on the nature and significance of doing philosophical inquiry with children significance of doing philosophical inquiry with children and the winning entry is published on the ICPIC site and in Childhood and Philosophy, a journal of ICPIC. ICPIC sees this as one important way it can acknowledge and partner in this important work within the larger world of Philosophy for Children.

Essays for the 2016 competition must be submitted electronically in a Rich Text Format (RTF) by August 8th to Maughn Gregory, Director of the Award Committee, with a copy to Karin Murris, President of ICPIC. To encourage submissions from students we are offering a free one year ICPIC membership to all students who submit an essay that meets the requirements.