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Over the past 3 years Philosophy for Children centers in Italy, Spain, Austria and Israel have been collaborating in a project seeking to address the problem of children at the risk of exclusion  through Philosophical Inquiry.

The emphasis of the PEACE project has been on designing, testing and validating a new P4C curriculum focused on cosmopolitan engagement and intercultural dialogue. We see PEACE impacting teachers educational practices, by giving educators specialized professional development, new teaching strategies and materials, and by improving the reasoning and relational skills of children. Through making the new pedagogical strategies, curriculum and educational resources available to other contexts and countries, the scope of PEACE will be widened and cosmopolitan awareness will be promoted.

The ultimate aim of PEACE is to disseminate to the widest possible section of society the idea that it is possible to contribute to the development of a cosmopolitan orientation and engagement amongst future citizens through dedicated educational tools and practices.

To read more about this project, please visit the PEACE website. The curriucum we developed is free to download – please enjoy using it!  However, if you are not already trained in Philosophy for Children methodology, we strongly urge you to seek training through your local Center or independent trainer before you implement the curriculum. A list of international centers is available on this website under “About” in the top scroll down menu. You can also access it by clicking here.