Final Issue of the Journal “Thinking”

 – A Celebratoiapc-Thinking-cover-155x200ry End to the Journal Thinking.
For 35 years the IAPC Journal Thinking: The Journal of  Philosophy for Children provided a forum for the dissemination of the theory and practice of Philosophy for Children.  Concerned with the integrity of the field, the Journal has been a critical voice in shaping this field. The Table of Contents of the final volume can be read here.  Thinking was the first Journal in Philosophy for Children and has been a big part of the lives of so many of us who live in the world of P4C. It will be sorely missed! Further infomation and links are available on the IAPC website

From Maughn Gregory: ” I am happy and sad to announce the publication of the final volume, 20:3&4, of Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children. On behalf of the IAPC I thank the scores of publishers, editors, reviewers, photographers, graphic designers and authors who shared their talents with us for 35 years.  I have made a list of most of them for the IAPC’s digital archive here:  Individual articles ($5.00) and full issues ($25.00) of Thinking are available in PDF format. To order, please fill out the Thinking Digital Archive Order Form.
For a limited time, print copies of past issues of Thinking are available without charge, for the cost of shipping. To order, please fill out the IAPC Publications Order Form. We at the IAPC are gratified that the major academic journals and publishing houses in the fields of education, philosophy of education and some in philosophy regularly publish books and articles on philosophy for/with children/adolescents, and that there are currently four professional / academic journals that maintain a focus on philosophy for children. We look forward to a robust future of scholarship and professional exchange with you in these and other venues.