Further Pre-Conference Seminar Information

Exploring the Practices and Challenges of Conducting
Research in Philosophy for/with Children

Two ICPIC Pre-conference Seminars

June, 26th – June 28th, 2017, La Corrala. Madrid.





Seminar #1
Investigating approaches to research on the practice of philosophy in educational environments

     Dates:  9:00am June 26th – 1:30-pm, 28th, 2017
     Cost:     56.30 €.   (Scholarships available – see below)
     Place:    Days 1&2, UAM campus; Day 3, Rooms near the conference opening venue
     Minimum:   25 participants
     Registration:   Please send your preconference registration form to  icpic.website@gmail.com                               by April 30th 2017 to ensure a place. Applications remain open until May30th                                2017 subject to availability. (Payment will be to the Univeristy in March or Aapril)

Who is the seminar for?

  • Educators, Philosophers and academics interested in research within the P4C community
    Whether you are an experienced hand at philosophy for children or new to the field, if you are curious about the growing field of research in P4C and want to find out what people are doing and the kind of questions facing the design and implementation of research in p4c, this seminar is designed for you.
  • Graduate Students and New Researchers
    This seminar is designed to be particularly helpful for graduate students and new researchers in P4C. Not only will it provide a broad foundation in this area, but it provides an invaluable opportunity for networking and building community amongst new researchers and between new researchers and the experienced p4c research community. By partnering with UAM, this strand is also being offered as a certificate course*, which contributes to your academic profile.

The seminar is organized around 3 strands:

  1. Questions in the philosophy of research: This strand offers us the opportunity to inquire philosophically into research — covering such issues as: what constitutes research in P4C, and the political and ethical problems that arise in doing it.
  1. Research methods in P4C: This strand introduces us to a range of approaches to research and the tools that operationalize them. This will include philosophical, quantitative, qualitative, action-research, teacher as researcher, grounded theory approaches and postqualitative methods. Together we will explore the kinds of questions to which the approach gives rise and be introduced to a sample of P4C research studies that have used these approaches.
  1. Case Studies:This strand engages us with case studies of research in which individuals or teams showcase their work with an eye to particular issues, questions and concerns. They will present the research questions they were trying to answer, the research methods they used, and questions that arose for them through the experience.

This 40 hour seminar is excellent value at 56.30 (all participants pay this fee). Full and Partial scholarships are being offered by UAM, the Spanish P4C Center and ICPIC. Application for scholarships is on the preconference registration and scholarship form .

*This course is approved as a 2ECTS credit course of UAM. Receiving the certificate will require submission of a written assignment after the completion of the seminar. Participants can also enroll in the course not for credit.

Seminar #2
Advanced Conversations in P4C Research*

     Dates: 9:00am– 4:30-pm, June 28th, 2017
     Cost:     FREE
     Place:   Rooms near the conference opening venue.
     Max:     50 participants
     Registration: Please send your pre-conference registration form
to: icpic.website@gmail.com  by February 15th, 2017

This one day (9:00-5:00pm) seminar is designed for experienced researchers (theoretical/conceptual and empirical/practical) in philosophy for children.

The intention of this day is to philosophize about research issues in P4C, to generate questions regarding research approaches and to critically and creatively engage with the implications and dilemmas of these approaches, and think together about how we can critically engage with these issues, support one another as researchers, and in turn support others (e.g. teachers, teacher educators, postgraduate students and academics) in designing and conducting rigorous research, whether philosophical, quantitative, qualitative or post-qualitative.

 In addition, throughout the day there will be a sign-up sheet for people to volunteer to serve on the following new ICPIC Committees:

  • Committee to develop an internet-based resource on research methodologies and tools for philosophy in educational environments.
  • Committee to plan the first of a yearly ICPIC research methodologies seminar.

 *N.B: For those not already immersed in the field of research in P4C, the Investigating Approaches to Research seminar is designed to provide a rich context from which to enter the Advanced Conversations seminar on the third day. If you are planning on coming to both seminars you need to enroll in both on the preconference registration and scholarship form .


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