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ICPIC membership connects you with practitioners and researchers around the world. It is an important means of keeping in touch with the growing global community engaged in Philosophical inquiry with children, youth and adults and of showing your commitment to the endeavor of bringing philosophy into our classrooms and beyond.

ICPIC offers two kinds of membership:

  • Personal membership is for individual people. It offers you a means of being part of something bigger, aligning yourself with an international community who support educational and social change around the world. It expresses your desire to being part of the global community of philosophical inquiry; listening, exchanging, and furthering ideas with others who are also committed to bringing philosophical inquiry into education and life. Two membership rates are offered: Standard and Discounted. Discounted membership is for students and people who are presently unemployed.
    (Annual personal membership rate: 25€.  Discounted membership rate: 15€)

  • Organizational or Institutional membership is for organizations and institutions (rather than people). It provides both non-for-profit and for-profit organizations with a way of expressing their commitment to the larger purposes and values of Philosophy for Children as an educational social movement and of expressing their global responsibility to support and nurture the growth of P4C at an international level. Two levels of membership are offered: Established and Developing. Organization or institutions should self-evaluate if they are established or developing institutions/organizations. Suggested criteria include the number of people who are members (100) and whether the organization is self-sufficient (income equals or exceeds expenses)
    (Annual rate for established institutions: 50€. Developing institutions; 30€)

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british flagWhy should I become an ICPIC member? ¿Por qué hacerme miembro del ICPIC?¿Por qué hacerme miembro del ICPIC?

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