ICPIC Pre-conference Research Seminars

Exploring the Practices and Challenges of Conducting
Research in Philosophy for/with Children

Two ICPIC Pre-conference Seminars

June, 26th – June 28th, 2017, La Corrala. Madrid.

 ICPIC comes of age as a research community
Over the past 40 years there has been a growing body of research in Philosophy for/with Children, yet building a research community within the P4C and ICPIC communities is still in its infancy. This ICPIC conference we are seeking to strengthen this field by putting research front and forward. ICPIC is creating new opportunities for the Philosophy for Children community to find out what has been happening in the field of research, engage with questions around research, draw in new voices and strengthen the research community within p4c worldwide.

 We are offering two exciting pre-conference seminars on research
leading up to the ICPIC conference:

 Seminar #1
Investigating approaches to research on the practice of philosophy in educational environments.

  • A two and a half day seminar, June 26th-28th (starts 9:00am 26/6, finishes 1:30pm 28/6)
    Whether you are an experienced hand at philosophy for children or new to the field, if you are curious about the growing field of research in P4C and want to find out what people are doing and the kind of questions facing the design and implementation of research in p4c, this seminar is designed for you. The seminar is designed around 3 strands: (i) questions in the philosophy of research; (ii) research methods in P4C; (iii) case studies. For more information go to: Further pre-conference seminar information

 The seminar is run in conjunction with UAM University and the Center for Philosophy for Children in Spain. We are excited to let you know that there is an option to take this as a certificate course worth 2ECTS credit from UAM. Scholarships are being offered by UAM and ICPIC – scholarship criteria are listed on the registration and scholarship form.  

Seminar #2
Advanced Conversations in P4C research*

  • A one day gathering for experienced researchers in P4C, June 28th (9:00am-4:30pm)
    This Advanced seminar day is organized primarily to (i) initiate conversation around the ‘meta-questions’ facing researchers in P4C (theoretical/conceptual and practical/empirical research), (ii) connect experienced researchers, postgraduate students and practitioner researchers around the world in a P4C research community*, and (iii) establish a clear sense of ‘next steps’ to continue this conversation in future forums. For more information go to: Further pre-conference seminar information

*N.B: If you are new to the field of research in P4C, the Investigating Approaches to Research seminar is a pre-requisite for participation in the Advanced conversations seminar. For more information go to: Further pre-conference seminar information


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