You have all the reasons in the world!   Why  ICPIC ?  ¿Por qué ICPIC? 
ICPIC membership is both a way to connect with practitioners and researchers engaged in Philosophical inquiry with children, youth and adults around the world, and a way to show your commitment to the endeavor of bringing philosophy into our classrooms and beyond. By joining ICPIC, members gain access to a closed ‘members only’ area with communities of practice and research groups working in Philosophical Inquiry with/for children and youth; access to a membership directory; and members can see other members who are on line and connect with them. As members of ICPIC, organizations, centers and schools are able to be easily identified and located on a worldwide map, and apply to ICPIC for endorsement for conferences and training programs according to ICPIC criteria. 

For more information about membership in English or Spanish and criteria for discounted membership, click here:

                        ¿Por qué hacerme miembro del ICPIC?     british flag

  A few points to keep in mind when you subscribe:

  • For personal membership level, please be sure to include your First and Last names. When you’re interacting with our online community, we want to see who you are!
  • For institutional / organizational members, you may choose to associate a personal name with your membership, if that person is going to be the primary participant in this communityor place your Insitutional name as the first name and leave the last name blank.
  • Nickname: We encourage you to put your full name as your nickname for ease of site management.