ICPIC Journal: Childhood and Philosophy

cover_issue_61_en_USChildhood and Philosophy is designed to be one of ICPIC’s many voices. In keeping with the lively poly-vocal character of the organization, we publish papers in at least six languages. This practice signifies our commitment, not only to the integrity of each piece of work in its mother tongue, but to our hopes for an increasing capacity amongst readers to work in multiple languages. We see this as a metaphor (or in fact an index) of our ability to encompass multiple perspectives, which we consider to be the hope for rethinking childhood and philosophy.  We encourage you to submit articles, whether in English or your mother tongue.”

What do we publish?
Our journal consists of articles, transcripts, curricula, news advertisements, reviews, and lots of interesting graphics. Childhood and Philosophy is a juried publication (blind peer review) and does not accept previously published submissions. We hope that you will feel encouraged to submit articles, whether in English, Portuguese, or your mother tongue. As you will see within, childhood and philosophy welcomes not just scholarly and research articles, but compilations from philosophers and/or educators, transcripts, book reviews and reports on current projects. Click here for further information about publishing in Childhood and Philosophy. Submissions may be sent electronically on an ongoing basis.

Select Links to the ICPIC Online Journal, Childhood and Philosophy:

Vol 12, No. 25 – 2016 Link to current volume
Vol 7, No. 13 – 2011 Dedicated to the thought and practice of Matthew Lipman
Vol 5, No. 9 – 2007 Philosophy with Children: Emotions and inter-personal relations
Inaugural issue