Journals and Magazines dedicated to philosophy with and for children

Current journals and magazines dedicated to philosophy with and for children:


Journal for Philosophy in Schools (JPS) is the official journal of The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA). The journal will published twice annually. Volume 1 Number 1 will be published September 2014.
The focus of the journal is research into philosophy with school-aged children. What was once called Philosophy with Children has developed into a sub-discipline of philosophy with its own history, traditions and pedagogy and incorporates philosophical inquiry in the classroom, reflective education and Socratic dialogue through the use of the Community of Inquiry (CoI) methodology. The journal focuses on academic research articles into the pedagogy and practice of philosophy in schools. The journal also reviews new books on philosophy in schools along with new teacher resources for philosophy in schools.

atpheadingAnalytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis From its first issue, set out a broad agenda within the context of Philosophy of Children. This tradition continues. Areas of interest to readers and contributors include Philosophy for Children teachers and teacher trainers but also included those interests in the role of narrative in teaching and learning, liberation pedagogy, Vygotskian psychology, and cognitive science, among other areas. The broad agenda might be defined as reflective teaching and community inquiry. These two areas will continue to be the mainstay of contributions to Analytic Teaching.
DiotimeDiotime (French), international review of didactics of philosophy. (published four times a year since March 1999 and about half of this journal is dedicated to P4C)
but-filosofa-318El Butlletí Filosofia 3/18 (Catalan)  és una eina de comunicació entre els distints ensenyants que treballen en el projecte. Es tracta d’una publicació trimestral que es rep a través de subscripció i que es publica  (20€), sense interrupcions, des de gener de 1990. Filosofia 3/18 Bulletin is a tool for communication between teachers who are working with P4C project at schools. It is a quarterly publication that is received through subscription (20€). It is published without interruption since January 1990.
cropped-web-logo-w-platoQuestions: Philosophy for Young People (English) Questions, the official journal of PLATO, is a peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored in part by the American Philosophical Association, the Philosophy Documentation Center, Michigan State University, and the University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children. Questions publishes the work of K-12 students interested in philosophical issues, including stories, essays, poems, photographs, and drawings. The journal also publishes articles by scholars and teachers, including lesson plans (which can contain descriptions/transcriptions of student responses), redefined or modified classic thought experiments, transcripts of philosophy discussions, book reviews, and more.
cropped-Revista-Logo3 Revista Iberoamericana de Filosofía para Niños (Spanish)(Iberoamerican)  En el actual panorama de empobrecimiento educativo y político en nuestras sociedades, queremos contagiar el deseo de pensamiento crítico, creativo y cuidadoso con proyectos cooperativos de investigación-acción-innovación orientados a transformar las aulas y los procesos de comunicación humana en comunidades de investigadores-narradores (CIN). – See more at:
Journal of Philosophy for Children: Since January 2011 this journal has been edited by the philosophical teaching research team Mi balza roja, directed by Rodolfo Rezola and published by the Valencian Association of P4C and Laertes publisher.  We invite you to re-write social relationships according to a human scale that contributes to the world to play in our favor
cover_faTafakkor va Kudak (Persian Journal: Thinking and Children) from 2010 to present.Editor in chief: Masoud safaei moghaddam; Assistant Editor in chief: Mehrnoosh Hedayati.  The Journal in English
این هدفی است که برای رسیدن به آن نیازمند مشارکت جدی اندیشمندان و علاقمندان به حوزه کودک و نوجوان هستیم. زمینه های مطالعاتی که در این مجله مورد استقبال هیات تحریریه است؛ علاوه بر پژوهش های ناظر به برنامه آموزش فلسفه به کودکان و نوجوانان، کلیه مطالعات فلسفی و روانشناختی در باره ذهن و روان کودک است که می توانند در امر آموزش و پرورش کودکان و نوجوانان مورد استفاده قرار گیرند.
Pages from UTOPIASNUMERO1Utopias. (Spanish)  Bienvenidos. Aquí estamos, en la puerta de estas utopías, tan nuestras. El plural va a propósito. Nombramos a esta revista “Utopías”, porque creemos que la filosofía para niños (FpN) tiene una dimensión utópica. Una dimensión que nos habla de un no-lugar, de algo que todavía no es pero quiere ser, de una vocación

Archives of discontinued journals dedicated to philosophy for children.

CCTCover-Vol15Iss2Critical and Creative Thinking, the Australasian Journal of Philosophy for Children. Critical & Creative Thinking: The Australasian Journal of Philosophy in Education is an international journal which was published biennially from 1993 to 2009 under the auspices of FAPSA . The focus of the journal was philosophical inquiry with school-age students. It published scholarly research concerning the theory and practice of philosophical inquiry at school level, as well as reports and resources for presenting philosophical inquiry in the classroom. Electronic versions of back issues of C&CT are available as PDFs for password-protected download by FAPSA members.
iapc-ThinkingImage-155x200Thinking, the Journal of Philosophy for Children: Founded in 1979, Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children is published by the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children, a non-profit educational institute at Montclair State University. The journal is a forum for the work of both theorists and practitioners of philosophical practice with children, and publishes such work in all forms, including philosophical argument and reflection, classroom transcripts, curricula, empirical research, and reports from the field. The journal also maintains a tradition in publishing articles in the hermeneutics of childhood, a field of intersecting disciplines including cultural studies, social history, philosophy, art, literature and psychoanalysis. Online Access: A searchable index of citations to articles from Thinking, with abstracts of articles beginning in 1992, and full text of articles beginning in 1996, is available on the Education Full Text database produced by the Wilson Web.
A full index of the 20 Volumes of Thinking is available here: Thinking Index