Our New Website Is Here


Members connecting with Members

  • The membership directory allows members to find one another and connect . Members can update their information by updating their personal page.
  • Member profile page allows you to share who you are and your interests with other ICPIC members – and offers you a way to find others who might collaborate around our work.
  • Who is on line?¬†Once you log in, your picture shows that you are online to others who are also logged in. An easy way to enable communication. See someone you have been meaning to say “hi” to? Click on their picture and send them a note..

Discussion Groups:
Any member can create a community of inquiry or research group to collaborate with other members. No permissions, no mediation – you can start it by opening a group yourself.
Groups can share documents, create forums, (and more.)
Groups can be created in different ways:

    • open (for all members to join),
    • closed (where interested members contact the group facilitator) or
    • private (good for groups working on a project with a fixed group of people).
  • For a group to be maintained on the site, it needs to have 5 members.

Your Personalized calendar and the ICPIC Calendar
When visitors come to the site, they will see all the public events on the ICPIC calendar – this includes conferences, news of ICPIC elections, and special days (like world philosophy day).

When members log on their calendar becomes personalized, gathering all the dates on the calendars of discussion groups they are part of and putting them in one location. A larger version of this with color coding possiblities can be accessed from the members area. Not sure when an event is happening, or when your community of inquiry is next meeting? Look it up on your calendar!