The Biennial Award for Excellence in Interpreting Philosophy for Children

Every year scholars and practitioners engaged in the field of philosophical inquiry with children and youth contribute to the growing body of knowledge that sustains and challenges our work in this field. Exploring the connection between theory and practice, between philosophical practice and life, these scholars (both theoreticians and practitioners) contribute to the revitalization of Philosophy for Children community worldwide. As with any educational movement, our strength and capacity to grow rests not only on our work in the field, but on our capacity to report on significant practices, raise questions, seek connections, develop theories, investigate assumptions and assess our educational practice.

Starting in 2002, every second year, in conjunction with the Biennial ICPIC Conference, the ICPIC community offers an award of US$200 to the winning submission in an essay competition. The Aim or purpose of the competition is to encourage emerging scholars and practitioners in philosophical inquiry with children to articulate new or renewed visions of the nature and significance of doing philosophy with children and to acknowledge their role and efforts in this regard. The award is granted to the best essay among those submitted on the nature and significance of doing philosophical inquiry with children and the winning entry is published on the ICPIC site and in one of the ICPIC Journal Childhood and Philosophy. Further information about the Award is posted here

Past ICPIC Essay Award Winners

2016 Award Winner:
Natalie Fletcher
diseñar un espacio para voces reflexivas. relacionar el ethos del zine con la indagación filosófica dirigida por jóvenes

Designing a space for thoughtful voices. aligning the ethos of zines with youth-driven philosophical inquiry.
[Spanish, English abstract]

Darren (2)

2013 Award Winner:
Darren Chetty
The Elephant in the Room: Picturebooks, philosophy for children and Racism.

Eduardo harada-300p  

2011 Award Winner:
Eduardo Harada Olivares
Falacias y pensamiento multidimensional en la Filosofía para niños.

Clinton photo-cropped

2009 Award Winner:
Clinton Golding
‘That’s a Better Idea!’


2007 Award Winner:
Stefano Oliveri
Educating “Homo Videns”: Philosophy for Children as a way of countering the “Antimeditative Situation” of our time and of fostering the democratic attitude.


2005 Award Winner
Sara Liptai
“What is the meaning of this cup and that dead shark? Philosophical inquiry with objects and works of art and craft.”

 Image 2005 Award Winner
Giles Abel
“La philosophie avec les enfants, entre patience et urgence: du paradoxe au défi”
Image   2003 Award Winner
Barry Hyman
“If you think of the world as a piece of custard.”
Juan Carlos (2)  

2002 Award Winner
Juan Carlos Lago-Bornstein
“Filosofia para Niños y la Educación social” (Philosophy for Children and social education)