The ICPIC Biennial Conference

The History of the ICPIC Conference
Since its formation in 1985  ICPIC has held International Conferences, bringing together educators and social change agents engaged with Philosophy for Children from around the world. Today the conference happens biennially. Over the years every effort has been made to shift the conference to different sites of activity around the globe in the recognition that the greatest effect will be felt at a local and regional level. The local host is responsible for the conference in dialogue with the ICPIC executive committee and ICPIC conference committee.

ICPIC-logo-EYES_400x400small1-200x200-shaded Identity and Philosophical Inquiry in an Age of Diversity
The 17th ICPIC conference will be held in Vancouver, Canada
June 25th – June 27th, 2015

Links to Past Conferences (Under Construction)

2013 – The 16th ICPIC Conference,Cape Town, South Africa(webpage coming soon)
2011 -The 15th ICPIC Conference, Jinju, South Korea (webpage coming soon)
2009 -The 14th ICPIC Conference, Padua, Italy (webpage coming soon)
2007 -The13th ICPIC Conference, Jerusalem, Israel (webpage coming soon)
2005 -The 12th ICPIC Conference, Mexico City, Mexico
2003 -The 11th ICPIC Conference, Varna, Bulgaria (webpage coming soon)
2001 -The 10th ICPIC Conference, Winchester, England (webpage coming soon)
1999 -The 9th ICPIC Conference, Brazilia. Brazil  (webpage coming soon)
1997 -The 8th ICPIC Conference, Akureyri, Iceland
1995 -The 7th ICPIC Conference, Melbourne, Australia
1993 -The 6th ICPIC Conference, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
1992 -The 5th ICPIC Conference, Graz, Austria
1991 -The 4th ICPIC Conference, México DF, México
1989 -The 3rd ICPIC Conference, Taipei, Taiwan
1988 -The 2nd ICPIC Conference, Maringa, Brazil
1985 -The Inaugural ICPIC conference, Humlebæk, Denmark