Welcome to the new Executive Committee


President:   Lizzy Lewis; After completing a Philosophy and English degree at York I taught in primary schools for 12 years and have practised Philosophy for Children (P4C) since 1994. I was awarded a Best Practice Research Scholarship for one year to research P4C in 2001, and for my Masters Degree in Education I focused on P4C and children’s emotional development. I began working for SAPERE, the UK charity that promotes P4C, in 2003 and joined ICPIC in 2005. I now work part-time as Development Manager. In this role I have oversight of SAPERE development which includes communication, resources, membership, projects, research and events. I am a registered SAPERE Trainer and trained teachers in P4C at Oxford Brookes University for 4 years.

Vice President: Stefano Oliverio I obtained my degree in Philosophy (1997) and my PhD in Education (2003) at the University of Naples Federico II (ITALY), where I am currently a Post-Doc Fellow at the Centre SInAPSi (Centre for the Active Inclusion and Participation of Students). Since 2007/2008 I have been teaching in the post-degree course Il curricolo della Philosophy for Children. Aspetti teorici e metodologici at the University of Naples (directed by Maura Striano). Since 2009 I have been a member of the staff of educators at the Summer School for Philosophy for Children in Acuto. During the last few years I have carried out many P4C projects in several schools in Naples. In 2007 I won “The Biennial International Award for Excellence in Interpreting Philosophy for Children”, for the essay “EDUCATING HOMO VIDENS. Philosophy for Children as a way of countering the “anti-meditative situation” of time and of fostering a democratic attitude.”

General Treasurer:   Patricia Hannam First as a practitioner of philosophical enquiry with children (P4C) in many contexts with children and teenagers, I am involved and committed to the international life of ICPIC since attending ICPIC in 2001 in Winchester UK. I have attended and presented at ICPIC meetings in 4 continents as well as the UNESCO Philosophy meeting in Paris in 2006. ‘Philosophy for Teenagers: Nurturing a Moral Imagination for the 20th Century’ co-authored with Eugenio Echeverria was published by Bloomsbury in 2009; I also publish on P4C and pedagogy internationally. With 15 years of practical experience of P4C in schools, my current work in Local Government means I  bring knowledge of educational policy making to the ICPIC executive, recognising the importance of internationally based non-governmental organisations contributing to the global education debate

Norwegian Treasurer:   Anne Schjelderup Anne Schjelderup has been committed to introduce P4C in Norway since 1999 (together Ariane Schjelderup and Øyvind Olsholt). She has used the method in teaching regular curriculum in school and at university level, as well as working with philosophical inquiries with children and adults. She has written several articles on the subject, and is currently writing a book. Anne has been treasurer for ICPIC since 2007, and has been in charge of getting ICPIC registered as a non for profit organisation in Norway, taking care of bank accounts etc

Secretary:   Wendy Turgeon I have been involved in Philosophy For/With Children for many years as a college professor and sometimes visitor to pre-college classrooms. I teach philosophy at St. Joseph’s College in New York, USA and am was actively involved in organizing the NAACI bi-annual conferences of 2010 and 2012. My current research interests lie in children and animals and nature. She served as Secretary for ICPIC this past two years and would welcome the opportunity to serve ICPIC as a secretary again.

Secretary:   Eugenio Echeverria From México. I completed the masters degree in philosophy for children at Montclair State College with Mathew Lipman and Ann Sharp, Graduated in 1982. I was a founding member of ICPIC and ICPIC`s president during three years in the early nineties and was part of the staff for the Mendham workshops for more than 40 times during 15 years. Currently, I am the Director of the Latin American Center of Philosophy for Children in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México. Current president of the Mexican Federation of Philosophy for Children. I also serve as the representative for Mexico in NAACI (North American Association for the Community of Inquiry).

Website Liason:   Jen Glaser I am an experienced Philosophy for Children practitioner and teacher educator. I lead a number of educational projects and is a consultant to schools, higher education institutions and community organizations in Israel and abroad. In the 1980’s I was one of the founding members of Philosophy for Children in Australia, building that into a national network. Today I am the Co-director of the Philosophy for Children Center in Israel: The Israel Center for Philosophy in Education – ‘philosophy for life’.  I have been a past president of ICPIC and a past treasurer. I hold a PhD. in philosophy from Melbourne University, Australia, and a teaching degree from the University of Sydney. I am very involved now in the creation of new Philosophy for Children curricula and teacher training. I have also writtenquite a lot on the theoretical foundations of philosophy for children.